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Beach Calp(e)
Beach Calp(e)
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sunset Calp(e)

Location of Calpe

To speak about Calpe is to speak of a large natural area formed by its beaches and coves of crystalline water and a wonderful sea bed, also especially it is to speak about the impressive Rock of Ifach, emblematic symbol of the Costa Blanca.

General information about Calpe

The Rock of Ifach is the largest geographical feature of the Mediterranean, the result of slippage (landslide) of the "Sierra de Oltá" that bisects the coast of Calpe, opening at its feet a wide range of sandy beaches and coves with clear water that nature lovers can contemplate from its summit. Its 11km of coastline expands north to the beaches of "Levante" and "La Fossa" and south to the beaches of "Cantal Roig" and "Arenal-Bol", which all together with the "Morro de Toix" create the Bay of Calpe.

Thanks to the union of the Rock with the city from a narrow isthmus, the great rock has become a major tourist attraction not only for walkers who want to reach the summit but also as a meeting point for climbers and scuba divers who test their endurance in its 332 meters of natural rock and deep seabed, rich in meadows of posidonia, through which you scuba dive.

Beaches in Calpe

At the foot of the Rock we find the yacht club, the sailing and diving school where you can learn the safe practice of these activities and be initiated in the calm waters of the most prominent cove of the north: Les Bassetes. In contrast to the tranquility of the coves, we find the bustle and activity on the beaches and in the waters of The Fossa and The Arenal, where you can enjoy a wide range of aquatic sports like windsurfing, waterskiing and jet skis or enjoy a relaxing walk along its elegant promenade.

Flora and fauna in Calpe

Calpe is not only about its coves and pristine beaches, nature lovers can enjoy the flora and fauna of its famous Salt mines, dated back to the Roman era, as well as the extensive green belt that is home to the ecological park of Enginent, with facilities which allow all to enjoy a great family day around a good barbecue and access to its sports and leisure facilities.

Gastronomy of Calpe

If it is about the cuisine of Calpe, seafood is the king of the menu. At the foot of the Rock we find the fishing harbour, where the fresh catch is brought in daily, and where restaurants act as a tourist market displaying the best the bay has to offer: mackerel, squid, monkfish and sardines, offering the most delicious menus including famous dishes like the Llauna de Calpe and Senyoret rice.

Culture of Calpe

Having a large tourist population, Calpe has become a residential city for Germans who celebrate their own culture during their famous "Oktoberfest", a 10 day festival of German culture and beer. This combined with the popular local festivities of such as "Moors and Christians", make Calpe a destination worth visiting, not only for its pristine coastline, but also for its rich and diverse cultural heritage.